Monday, December 10, 2012

Crazy Sea Creature on land Glitch

Hello Jammers! I did this CRAZY sea creature on land glitch I`d like to share. I don`t have any tutorial pics, so I have to be very descirptive.

First: Stand in Kani Cove RIGHT outside the entrance to Deep Blue.
Next:(this glitch works best with the horses only party)Open parties.
Then:On left edge of the parties tab, click the entrance to Deep Blue.
Last: RIGHT before the moment you load to Deep Blue quickly press "GO" on the party.
Here some pics of me doing the glitch :3

Try to change into a different animal and see :3

^^^^ Thats 1 in my den. All of the sudden a random dolphin just poped into my den o_o

Well, I hope if this glitch worked. You enjoyed. ;)